Apologies for the long silence!

I don’t know why I haven’t posted in so long.  It hasn’t been for lack of news to share.  The best news being that the house passed inspection so after living here for a month, I’m officially permitted to.

I’ve begun landscaping. The dead trees, neglected roses and over grown weeds in the derelict front lawn were removed.  I now have a front yard waiting to be created.

But that’s not what motivated me tonight to open my computer and write.  What, you ask,  did motivate me?

A mass mailing letter from a carpet cleaning company.  But wait, this is not just any mass mailing.  I’ve been getting and enjoying these letters for years but not while I was at the apartment.  Today the first since I’ve been back in the house arrived.  The letters are always amusing, often thought provoking, usually clever and never predictable.  Today’s letter mused about the disappointment of hamsters who don’t get their fair share of cute internet videos.

The company is Quality Carpet Cleaning, Inc. in Los Angeles.  I’m guessing that I used their services once, honestly I cannot remember.  However, I do remember the first time I opened one of the letters, planning to scan it and add it to the pile of junk mail.  But the letter engaged me so I kept it deciding then and there that I would use this company on the basis of the writing – even if they didn’t have a five star Yelp review!

My mother used to write a monthly sales letter to get art dealers to place advertisements in the magazine she represented.  Starting when I was about ten years old I used to proof those letters for her and when I got older I’d make suggestions for edits.  My mom’s lucky that I hadn’t been exposed to the Quality Carpet Cleaning letters when I was advising her because her letters would have taken a different tone entirely.  I used to read the Quality Carpet Cleaning letters to my mother before she passed – they’d always make her smile.

I rarely get letters anymore, just bills, flyers and, when I’m lucky, a mailing from Quality Carpet Cleaning.