I want off this roller coaster!


I ready to pull the emergency lever, smash the glass, hit the blue button – whatever it takes to just make this be over!

I’m tired of scheduling time with my contractor only to be stood up, again and again.  I’m fed up with being told things are going to happen by such and such a date then watching that date go by without a word of explanation or a sign of progress.

I’ve tried to be sweet and docile.  I’ve tried being a b*tch.  Neither work and nothing changes based on anything I do.  I create calendars and schedules hoping they mean something only to be reminded over and over that they don’t.

I’m just fed up.  I no longer care.  He tells me to order something then tell me not to have it delivered because he’s not ready, sorry but it’s being delivered, deal with it.  I’m going to do what I need to do and he can just suck it up.

I would warn anyone to not be fooled by the charming contractor who makes big promises and seems so together and nice because beneath that exterior lurks a self-serving, duplicitous, liar.


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