The four P’s – read on to find out what they are

I know this doesn’t count as something to particularly stress over but that doesn’t stop me from doing just that. I can’t seem to find the right vanity for the master bath. I found one that would be great but it only comes in black or white. When I mentioned to the sales person that those colors aren’t what I had in mind – I was hoping for a gray or brown to go with the bath tile I was informed “normally one selects the vanity and matches the tile to it.” Good to know but that doesn’t help me given that I ordered the tile… oh about two months ago! The thing is, I believe that there is a solution out there – the perfect vanity but I’m just not looking in the right places. I spend free time trolling the internet but I keep coming up with the same four manufacturers who don’t offer what I want. Then I went to the Restoration Hardware site. Yup, found not the perfect option but a good one except that the counter top alone costs twice as much as every other vanity I’ve found and then I still need to buy the actual vanity to go with that counter top! Do I really want to spend nearly $6000.00 for a bathroom vanity? The answer is most definitely NO! So I keep searching but a voice in the back of my mind keeps saying that I’m being silly and I should just pick from one of the many available options out there and move on.

Well, I wrote that a few weeks ago and never got around to sharing the post.  So fast forward to yesterday.  I set myself a deadline.  I was going to make a decision yesterday.  I took the morning off from work to go back to the three showrooms I’ve already visited probably a dozen times over the past four months.  As I sat in my car in the parking lot, I was tempted yet again to google other options but I stopped myself.  I told myself I’d done my homework.  I had found items that were the correct size, ecological, attractive and competitively (if not inexpensively) priced.  I bought two toilets, a tub, a sink, a vanity and shower trim!  I then went on line and ordered the master bath vanity that fit the bill exactly – yes I found it! – but only on line.  had the 60″, Mahogany, single sink, contemporary (not modern!) vanity I wanted.  The first time I test a drawer or look at the finish and color will be when it is delivered to my house.  That’s a first for me.  If I love it, that’ll be a huge step in my life as an on-line shopper.

By now you’re wondering about those four P’s.  Here it is – psychologists (not one of the 4 P’s) track our on-line shopping behavior and have determined that, like grief, it gets divided into stages. Grief and loss get five, shopping gets four:  we search for items, we save those items (so that we can revisit them – the most widely used means being Pinterest), we revisit those items (a lot and for a long time as it turns out – my four months does not make me an outlier) and then we purchase.  It’s the four P’s  Peruse, Pin, Pine, Purchase.  And you thought you were unique!

Quick update on the house – still no progress on the roof but the sun porch which I’ve learned had been enclosed without a permit, is coming down and, because it’s a code issue not a fire issue, that’s on me not the insurance company.  Oh well.


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