Back to the bell!

Well not quite.  I am back at school but there are no bells because it’s one class ALL DAY! The last time I sat in a college classroom was 1980.  That was so long ago, I think it’d be a safe guess that more than half of the people I work with now weren’t even alive then!

I’ve taken a few community college classes but all for fun things like cooking and cooking and cooking.  Hmmm, clearly I’m not addicted to education.  I was a good student.  I don’t have anything against being a student it’s just that I was too busy trying to earn a living to go back to school when it still felt fresh and the thought of going back to school after being out for 20+ years, well it gets intimidating.

So why am I back in school?  My company offers an education reimbursement program which I’d never taken advantage of.  With things shifting at work and it looking like I might be taking on more managerial responsibilities I went to the internet to see if there was a community college class I could take.  What I found instead was a Management Development Program offered by USC’s Marshall School of Business.  In seven weeks they touch on all the skills, understandings and current trends a manager needs to grasp.  Perfect!  The course met reimbursement criteria so I signed up.

I was nervous as I stepped onto the USC campus.  Having done all my undergrad studies across town at UCLA I must admit to a slight prejudice against USC.  I was surprised how spacious and beautiful the campus was. I easily navigated the large campus (no small feat as I am navigationally challenged) and found the modern (interior) yet inviting (exterior) building where my class is held.


I was thrilled to see that a majority of my fellow classmates were middle aged folk, like myself, looking to improve their skills.  I feared I’d be the oldest or only old person in the room!  (I am older than the professor)

The pace was fast but geared to keep us engaged so it was terrific.  I realized that since I was a student so much has been learned about how to teach.  No longer is it a sit, listen, take notes situation.  There was so much interaction and the material was presented in such a way to engage all types of learners, visual, audio and kinetic.  So much better to be a student these days!

I enjoyed the class immensely.  I learned a ton and met many interesting people.  Now I’m sorry the class is only 7 weeks! I might get addicted to learning after all….



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