Moonwalking through a rebuild

Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back.  Yay! Windows have arrived but wait what’s that new large pipe jutting out from the side of my house and is that the plumbing sticking out from the side, not back wall for my powder room pedestal sink?

Here’s a lesson learned, do not trust your contractor.  Just because you spent hours researching exactly the right pedestal sink to fit into a tiny space, or because you shared the specifications data for that sink with your contractor to confirm your selection, or because you got his blessing it doesn’t mean the plumber was informed of this decision or that his pipes will be installed in a way to support that choice.   Imagine my shock when, on one of my walks through the house I see a large pipe sticking from the side, not back, wall of the powder room.  The plumbers were there working so I questioned them.  “No, no, not possible to move pipe.” I was told.  “Pedestal sink?” I asked.  I found myself looking at three men all shaking their heads no.

Then I wandered outside – normally I enter and exit the house from the back (easier access) so I don’t see the front or side.  This time I wanted to measure the front yard so I was in the driveway.  Good thing too!  There was a large horseshoe shaped pipe jutting from the house and returning into the house – like a big handle.  “What’s this?”  I asked my plumbers.  “Water heater,” they told me and went back to work.  Who thinks to put a water heater in the front of the house blocking part of the driveway?  When my contractor failed to show up, as promised, so I could discuss all these in person I started sending text messages, a barrage of text messages.  None of them particularly sweet.  He started out telling me the water heater wasn’t going to block the driveway.  Really? How is that possible?  Well, it’ll only stick out 11″.  “Eleven inches!  Not acceptable.  You didn’t discuss with me! I want it moved!”  I’m waiting (a common practice with this contractor) to find out where he suggests as the alternate location.

Meanwhile, I still don’t have a roof. I have a front door, no locks, and some windows so I suppose that is progress.  I will accept every little step forward for what it is and try to focus on the positive but keep an eagle eye out for the next screw up.

IMG_0697 IMG_0699 IMG_0702-2



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