There’s nothing sexy about plumbing

I’ve learned that the building process has distinct phases, some more exciting than others.

I didn’t participate in the demolition but having watched enough episodes of Fixer Upper to feel as if I had wielded a sledge hammer to punch my way through a wall, I can understand the exhilaration it brings.  Like kids who carefully build a tower of blocks only for the thrill of knocking it down, taking pleasure in destruction seems to be in our DNA.  The joy on the face of the person who adroitly uses the ripping bar to separate a cabinet from floor or wall is undeniable.

Then comes the dull clean up phase but that’s followed by the thrill of framing as rooms rise into previously undefined space and the smooth, pale, clean wood brings the promise of the future.  In this phase, windows are defined so you can imagine sitting in a room, see where your eye will seek daylight and where there will be a dark corner to retreat into.  The roof envelopes the structure so the job site resembles a doll house waiting to be furnished and festooned.

But a house is not a doll house.  A house needs electricity and plumbing.  The pace of work seems to stall.  There are no huge leaps forward.  Outlets appear, small gray boxes distributed about the house linked with yellow wires that spider web between studs.  This is the phase my house is in now.  The dull but necessary phase that sets up the next thrilling one when walls clothe the structure like skin on a skeleton.  The wiring and plumbing are the veins and organs that permit the house to function.  I realize how important this stage is but cannot restrain myself from wishing it were done so I can begin to select a wardrobe.

Here are the latest pictures!

DSC02470 DSC02464 DSC02461


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