Bonus post all about Sitting in Bars with Cake!

I just came back from meeting a most charming young lady, Audrey Schulman author of “Sitting in Bars with Cake.”  She is making the rounds of the public libraries in LA as part of their “Live and Dine in LA” series.  She shared with us the amusing inception of the year long series of visits to bars in and around Los Angeles where she trolled for a boyfriend using cake as bait.

She cataloged her adventures in a blog which received enough attention to garner serious followers which led to her turning the experience into a book – the aforementioned “Sitting in Bars with Cake.”

The book, a companion to her blog, contains stories about the men she met, none of whom became her boyfriend, and the cake recipes she developed especially for each one – sweet, salty, bitter, fruity and savory!  Can’t wait for the heat to subside so I can turn on the oven and start making some of the cakes.  I think I’ll start with  Bitter Chocolate Dumped Cake with Cheap Wine Frosting.


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