And now it begins!

Hallway House House2

Back in May I was optimistic that, as promised, in one month plans would be approved and work to renovate my house would start.  I began to once again visit tile stores and pull color swatches from Dunn Edwards.  My optimism turned sour as week after week I listened to excuse after excuse as to why nothing was happening.  One one had I was told that the city plan check requests were “common” but that it would take another three weeks for my engineer to get them incorporated into a new set of plans and submitted for approval.  I had to bite my tongue and not shout, it the request was so common, why didn’t you as a professional anticipate it and avoid this extra delay!  Again and again  there were these types of delays caused by not thinking clearly or being proactive.  I had to tell my engineer to go back to the city and find the updated plans because the ones he had pulled s the latest logically could not be if one just looked at them.  Lo and behold, a week later he’d found a newer set of permits and plans that solved a myriad of problems.

It was only with the help of the Chopra Gratitude meditation series that I didn’t get an ulcer or hit anyone!  I decided that I needed to speak up and contribute where I could but still let those working for me to do their jobs, that nagging and getting angry or frustrated wasn’t making anything happen more quickly.  I called my contractor and engineer/architect and told them that I was thankful they were working for me and that I appreciated they were doing the best they could. I asked them to accept my apology for the times I was impatient and rude.  I don’t know if it helped them but it made me feel lighter.

Last week, nearly three months after the permitting process was begun, the plans were finally approved!  Workers showed up the next day to start the “final demo” of the house.  The last of the exterior will come off, all the windows come out and all but floor joists get removed.  Once that has been completed, the work to rebuild can begin in earnest.

I’ll update you again in a week!


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