Post 365 Days – Week 49.2 – Status Quo

I returned home after being away a week and….

Still no kitchen, no tile, no painted walls.  It was pretty much what I expected though I did hold my breath as I unlocked the front door and walked into my home.  I hoped to see cabinets but my hopes were dashed.

My kitchen was still wrapped in cardboard and sitting exactly where it had been in the during room when I left.

There was  some progress on the dry wall and on the new exterior wall.  I no longer have gaps that let in the cold air.  For the first time since the work began I was able to put on the heat without it escaping through too many cracks and gaps to count.

I was greeted upon my return by the first big storm of the winter.  We need the rain desperately so I can’t complain but the plastic tarp on the porch roof didn’t stay in place under the barrage of water and wind so I did have to share my temporary living quarters with various pots and dishes conveniently collecting the rain that (for a while) poured in.

At least I have a roof over the rest of the house that has kept everything safe and dry.

Hopefully this next week brings more progress!


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