Post 365 Days – Week 49.1 – There are more inspections…


Ooops, just found this post in my “draft” folder – I thought I’d scheduled it to go out last week (12/6). Better late than never…

The inspection we passed two weeks ago, remember that? Well that was just the first one and the second didn’t go so smoothly. The inspector wants to see more detailed plans! I’m hoping the very expensive architect who did the original plans won’t hit me with another charge! This request for additional details on the plan has delayed things somewhat which might be a good thing. Why? you ask…

Let me ask you this…Did you ever have a party that started out so slowly you were convinced it was going to be a disaster? Didn’t you wish that you could go away and come back after things had gotten going? Well I did, and did…years ago. When I was in high school my mother went out of town. I promised to be responsible and look after the house so, of course, I threw a huge party. It started out poorly. Anxious and impatient my best friend and decided to trust the party and the house to our few early arrivals and left to visit a friend (who declined the invitation to the party but welcomed our visit). When we got back an hour or so later the party was in full swing! Shortly thereafter it got out of hand, just like in the movies! I don’t recall the police showing up but I do recall considering calling them for help.

What does that have to do with a failed inspection? Just this… I’m leaving town for just over a week. The work on the house will not stop, like that party, it will keep going and hopefully turn out well. When I return home I hope I won’t want to call the police!

Nothing much is supposed to happen while I’m away, just the tile, the cabinet installation and the paint! If I believed this I might be worried but so far nothing has happened on the date scheduled.

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned to see what happens!


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