Post 365 Days – Week 41 – Can it really be starting???


I hardly believe it but I’m being told that the kitchen demolition will be starting this week – on my birthday!  (the Contractor does not know when my birthday is this so I see it as the heavens giving me a gift)

As long as I’ve been waiting, I suddenly feel unprepared!  I’d emptied all the cupboards and moved everything to the porch to create my non-kitchen-kitchen but during these past weeks I’ve migrated everyday items (olive oil, coffee, sugar, protein powder, cereal, etc) back into the vacant shelves.  The once empty countertops now feature a toaster, a coffee maker and an immersion blender.  I need to move everything back to the porch!

I never pulled out the TV, that was  always going to be the last thing to go.  It’s not that I watch so much TV but I do enjoy the News Hour, Jeopardy and an occasional Masterpiece Theater.  I try not to miss a Chargers game (we’re up 21 – 0 against the Jets at the moment!) – I may become a regular at the local sports bar.  I guess I’m lucky that most network shows are available on-line – as well as a few cable shows like “Project Runway”!  Yikes, just realized I’m behind a week!  As the game is over I’ll be catching up – before it goes away.  There are also all those shows I’ve DVR’d – I’ve got a lot of watching to do in the next few days.

I’m not even going to go into all the questions swirling around my mind about the three week delay I’ve endured – I’m just glad to have some movement or at least the promise of some activity!

Fingers crossed it actually starts and that it goes well!


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