Post 365 Days – Week 27 – Managing the kitchen remodel, from China?




Perhaps the only thing crazier than embarking on a big remodel job is to kick it off just before you go out of town!

I’m in China now, will be for the next couple of weeks.  Before I left town I met with an architect and another general contractor, GC to those in the know.  I feel like I’m closing in on the final design but it is taking much longer than I expected.  It’s deceptive when you see those reality shows, like “Flip or Flop”, where two days after buying the house the interior is completely demolished and a week later they’re picking out cabinets, tile, flooring all of which is being installed after the next commercial break.  It doesn’t work like that!  Cabinets have a 6-8 week lead time, unless you’re taking what they have in inventory with no modifications to suit your needs.  You need plans before you can order flooring and tile so you know how many linear feet of tile and square feet of flooring you need. Pipes need to be moved.  Electrical needs to be dealt with. There are dozens of details to attend to.  It all takes time.

I hired a kitchen designer to work with me so that while I’m away the process can continue to move forward.  I was hesitant to spend money on anything that wasn’t going directly into the kitchen final product but she convinced me that she can help me avoid costly change orders and delays.  I’m hoping her fee is a sensible expense.  If I was in high school now, I’d learn CAD and consider a career as a kitchen designer – all the fun and none of the financial risk.

In preparation for being away I decided to treat myself to a season of Project Runway.  I’ve never before purchased an entire season of anything.  My video library has episode 7 of this show and 10 of another.  I’m a piecemeal buyer.  So I was naive enough to think 8 hours was enough time to allow to get all the episodes onto my computer.  Ten hours later the download bar was still showing 8 hours remaining!  That’s more time than the actual running time. I let it go as long as I could then I had to quit.  I haven’t tried to watch any of the episodes yet – I have no faith that the download worked  : (    I never feel old until it comes to things like this.  The younger guys I’m traveling with have not only downloaded full seasons of multiple shows, they’ve fooled their computers to think they’re still in the US so they can stream videos as well! Oh to be young and clever, but could they handle my remodel?


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