Post 365 Days – Week 24 – Girl Rising

girl rising art poster eductating girls poster Wadley

I just finished watching “Girl Rising”.

The movie spotlights nine young girls of diverse cultures from across the globe.   Through these specific girls, the movie seeks to educate viewers to the appalling conditions millions of girls endure.  It does so through compelling stories and beautiful images. It is a powerful movie but, unlike the mega hits that are on every screen, this movie will be lucky to be seen by a few hundred people.  That simply means that I, as one of the hundred, have an obligation to tell others – like you –  about it.

Over three decades ago when I shifted my goal from that of being a lawyer to being a film maker I had lofty intentions to make movies that would educate and compel.

I hoped to expose inequities in the judicial system through film.  I was going to open people’s eyes.  I was learning the tools of the documentary film maker before Michael Moore or Errol Morris had been heard of.  The documentaries I studied were all the same – locked off cameras focused on a single face telling their story directly into the lens.  Then came Roger and Me, Spell Bound, Thin Blue Line, Fahrenheit 9/11 and An Inconvenient Truth as well as dozens more.  They revolutionized documentary films.  They had narrative; they used dramatic editing techniques.  They could be funny, poignant, frightening, entertaining and inspiring.

Inspiring, like “Girl Rising.”  The girls profiled in this movie had to fight to survive. They had to demand a right to education.  They had to endure hardships and risk their lives.  The value they put on an education was stunning.  The value of their education to society in general was eye opening.

I was lucky enough to have had a wonderful education and to be able to afford to give my daughter an even better one.  Now I want to help the girls who aren’t lucky and can’t afford to go to school.

Watch “Girl Rising” and be inspired too.



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