Post 365 Days – Week 4 – Observations upon arriving home


Just a few observations on this latest trip.

You think you’re going to maintain your routine but the time change, jet lag, living out of hotels, dining out – it all messes with you or at least with me.

During these fourteen days away I –

  1. did not do any yoga, chair or otherwise
  2. meditated exactly three times
  3. managed to work out in my room a total of three times using the Tabata ap as motivation
  4. visited the hotel gym just twice
  5. regularly ate after 8pm, an absolute no-no when home
  6. drank wine or beer with nearly every meal, unheard of at home

I also did not stick to spending only the money I had converted upon arrival.  I wish I could say I’d only spent it on gifts for others – those back in the office who didn’t get to make the trip and neighbors looking after the mom and the house.  A good chunk of what I spent was on myself.

The hardest part for me is leaving behind the snacks and beverages I buy so I’m covered if I wake up starving at 3am, as I did for the first few nights.  My stomach is such a creature of habit.

One of the best things I did was subscribe to the digital version of “The Week” – the bite size condensed news items were the exact length for digestion over breakfast or while I had a few minutes waiting for the rest of my group to gather.  The luxury of an hour to digest the digital NY Times or read my book was rarely available.

Well, those are my thoughts on this (+11 hour) location.


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