After 365 Days – Week 2 – Loose Ends


The first full week back at work after the holidays felt like a python wrapping itself around me and squeezing.  I was so busy, I could barely breathe.  It’s all been in preparation for my upcoming trip, which I leave for next Tuesday.  Which means week 3 and 4 may not be posted anytime soon but I’m getting ahead of myself, today is about week two.

This week as been about trying to tie up loose ends.  First, the scooter.  I think I have finally found a buyer.  I suppose it was good that I didn’t sell it to the first guy.  We both thought the problems with the scooter were battery related.  To show how non-mechanical I am, when I took the Scooter to a real motorcycle shop, once the Scooter Shop went out of business, and they removed the cover from the engine compartment to see what the problem was, I didn’t have a dead battery; I had no battery!  I also had a rusted gas tank. Bits of rust were clogging up the carburetor – which is why the scooter wouldn’t idle.  They could fix everything but it would have cost me more than I was interested in paying.  Problem solved, they knew a guy who’d buy it for me as is – no battery, rusted tank, and no working lights etc. – Yay! But wait, I needed to register it.  Hadn’t I already done that I asked?  Turns out the DMV gave me a registration that was “off highway” which, contrary to what I thought, didn’t mean no riding on the freeways (what we on the West Coast call highways); it meant no riding on city streets!  Clearly that’s wrong.  So Monday, when I’d rather be doing any one of a dozen other things, I’ll be back at the DMV to try to fix this.  Once that’s fixed, the scooter is sold, whew!

I’ve hired a cleaning lady to come in to take care of the house and to check on mom while I’m away.  In addition, I’ve set up neighbors to do her grocery shopping and ex-husband and friends near and far to check in by phone.

Next task, when I get back, is to sell my daughters once beloved car.  I need to consolidate the things I’m responsible for – even something as minor as not letting the battery die on a car that’s only driven once a year!

If you’ve read my posts last year (365 days of writing) you may recall that I had agonized somewhat over my daughter’s decision to go to grad school.  I had finally embraced the idea realizing that she needed to do whatever she could to get herself into a career where she won’t just be making money but making a difference, making friends, making herself happy.  I look forward to going to work.  I enjoy what I do, the people I do it with, the outcome of what I do and what I get paid for doing it.  I think my daughter deserves to feel the same way about any job she has.  She applied to about six schools.  I was certain that she’d get in but when I said that she snarled at me that “I didn’t know anything” – I realized it was just her nerves speaking.  She’d only applied to the most prestigious, competitive grad programs and had convinced herself that she most likely wouldn’t get in.  Yesterday she called me, shouting with excitement.  She’d gotten her first letter.  She had been accepted!  (I didn’t say I told you so.)  She knows she’s definitely going to grad school now.  Perhaps not to this school of first acceptance, there are still five other schools to hear from.  The joy in her voice was wonderful to hear.  This fall the next phase of her life begins.

I know I have a year of adventure ahead of me which I hope to bring you along on.   For now, I have to get ready for the Poet’s & Writers day long writers program I’ll be attending today.



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