365 Days of Writing – Day 365 – The end of the year! Photos and 5K

I drank water all day yesterday to hydrate myself in preparation for the 5K.  I went to bed early!  I was up early!  Check in was 6:15am.  The race started at 7a.  It was all over by 7:31am!  I glanced at my watch as they handed me a cup of water and a “Happy New Year” medal.  I pushed myself – the competitor in me wanted to stay ahead of the pack but I did speed walk part of the course so I had no idea what kind of time I would turn in.  I surprised myself!  There, I’ve done it.  I’ve run a 5k.

Now to the fun stuff, more photos!

It was a year which called for many means of transportation – planes, trains, subways, tour bus, taxis, rafts, helicopters – here are a few…

Airports Car train Helicopters Raft Tour busses Trains Subways

It was a year of entertainment –

Concerts Dance Fireworks

I had to get used to different types of bathrooms –

yet more bathroomsand worst bathrooms Bathrooms Great bathrooms

I stayed at beautiful hotels with wonderful pools  –

Hotels Another pool more pools Pools

I found familiar sites in foreign lands –

Fast coffeeFast Food

I saw waterfalls, large and small –

Big Waterfalls Small Waterfalls

I partook of servings large and small

Big servings Small servings

I saw beautiful skies –

Beautiful skies

And marvelous sunrise and sunsets –

African sunrise Sunrises sunsets

It has been a year I will always remember.  I’m eager to start next year which will have adventures all its own!

I wish you all a Very Happy 2014!


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