365 Days of Writing – Day 358 – Christmas Eve


I began Christmas Eve in Washington and will see its end in Los Angeles.  It was a wonderful Christmas Eve.  We woke to a gorgeous sunrise, clear skies, blue water, the sounds of gulls.  We got on the road early, in case there were others headed to the airport also expecting to avoid the holiday rush.  It was an easy drive.  It wasn’t as scenic as I had hoped due to low and often heavy fog which obliterated the view.  Regardless, the sun was shining and the air was aromatic with the scent of evergreens.

We flew from Seattle to San Francisco where we relaxed, ate left over pizza from last night’s dinner and used the free Wi-Fi to download Top Chef episodes to watch on the SF to Burbank flight.

We went right from the Burbank airport to the local mall for last minute Christmas gifts then out for a relaxing dinner.

It was unlike any Christmas Eve I’ve spent in the past decade (except for the Christmas I was working and away from town).  It was so nice to not have to worry about guests coming over.  This year we’re doing it English style – celebrating the day after Christmas!  I’m looking forward to a leisurely day tomorrow of presents in the morning and prepping and cleaning in the afternoon.  All the cooking will happen the day of the party.  Having my daughter around to share the kitchen  makes it so much more fun than cooking alone.

Now it’s time to wrap those last few gifts so they can be placed under the tree, already crowded with mystery presents wrapped by my mom.  Her attitude is, if the gift isn’t right for whoever gets it, they can give it to someone else and pick another.  Perhaps we’re starting a new tradition.


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