365 Days of Writing – Day 354 – Never too thin?


I work out, a lot, or I used to.  I never did anything too extreme.  I wasn’t that person who ran at 8mph on the treadmill or who put four risers under their step but I tried to make it to the gym at least five times a week.  To mix it up a while ago I added The Bar Method to my routine.  Wow! I thought I had been using all my muscles but one Bar Method class and I knew I hadn’t been.  I felt that post workout good, bordering on bad, sore for two days after my first class.  I bought 20 more classes.  I recruited friends and co-workers.  I became more fit than I’d ever been.  Then I began all my traveling for work.

I tried to keep up some sort of  routine while on the road but it was nearly impossible.  When I was back in town, I was jet lagged and feeling sluggish from not having worked out so it was harder to workout.  I was able to get myself onto a treadmill but the idea of a class and having to keep up was just too daunting.  I gradually became that person who only did a true workout once a week, if that.

Then came the 5K I was to run with my daughter.  That got me out of my downward slide and gave me a reason to renew my commitment to exercising.  You’re probably wondering, where the heck is this leading?

Well, last night I went to my first Bar Method class in probably four months, maybe six.  I knew I would be starting from scratch and was prepared for the shaking legs, the burn, the voice screaming in my head that I was insane to be doing this.  I was not prepared for Joey.

Joey was my favorite instructor, adorable, funny, very gay, tough, baudy and a great motivator.  When Joey said, “nice form” or “good job”, it meant something.  As killer as his workouts were his non-stop banter made it fun and he would poke fun at himself, pointing out the extra weight he was carrying – though he was really fit.  He was like a cute teddy bear, you just wanted to squeeze him.  When I walked into the studio last night, I almost didn’t recognize him.

Where had adorable Joey gone?  The Joey leading the class was at least thirty pounds thinner, had zero body fat, was all hard angles and edges.  Yes, he was incredibly toned but it was so extreme that my first thought was, had he been sick?  I’m sure had I been there to gradually see the wight loss I would have not felt this way.  The voice was Joey’s but not the body.  It was odd and off putting.  I wanted to tell him to gain some weight – eat a donut!

Joey made me realize that you can be too thin because he is.


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