365 Days of Writing – Day 347 – The flu?


Yesterday was my day off.  We have two floating holidays which don’t roll over into the new year.  I hadn’t used either of mine yet so I decided to use one yesterday.

I made not just one but three lists of “to-dos” – home, personal, Christmas.

I woke up, meditated and had breakfast.  I didn’t feel 100% almost immediately.  I attributed it to the coffee I drank.  I’ve switched to organic 100% decaf at work but at home I only had regular decaf and I used 1/2 and 1/2 which I never do at work.

I was decided to move the gym to later in the day and prioritized some of the other tasks.  I got through about 1/3 of what I wanted to when I felt so lousy that I just headed home and crawled into bed. That was the end of my day off.

I had pre-purchased tickets to a fund raising dinner for WriteGirl.  I had a new dress I was looking forward to wearing.  That was replaced by looking forward to throwing up so I could get rid of whatever was making me feel so sick.  I got my wish but  purging didn’t make me feel any better.

Finally, this morning, I think everything is out of my system.

Our department Holiday party is today.  I know there’s going to be wonderful food but I doubt I’ll eat anything.  Chicken broth sounds about my speed, that’s not likely to show up on the buffet.

Funny that I can travel far from home to Kenya and Greenland, eat strange foods and be exposed to parasites galore without having  a day of illness but home for one day and bang, sick.  Oh the universe does have a sense of humor!


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