365 Days of Writing – Day 341 – La Costa


For years I’ve known about the famous La Costa but until yesterday I’d never been.

Myself and two other women who are part of our meditation group at work drove down yesterday afternoon, leaving work early to avoid traffic.  Shortly we’ll be joined by two other women, also from work, also part of our meditation group who opted to drive down very early this morning.  Those are the women who have loved ones they didn’t want to be parted from for an extra night.  What does that say about we three?

All five of us are signed up for the Deepak Chopra Meditation Weekend Retreat.

The Chopra Center is adjacent to La Costa which makes it very convenient for all.

I’m curious to see what is in store for us.  I doubt we’ll see Mr. Chopra himself but we will certainly be hearing his words and teachings.

Over dinner last night we reveled in the simple joy of being three women out together with no timetables, no husbands, no parents, no children.  It had been years, decades in my case, since we’d enjoyed such a get-away.   Over dinner lamented our failure to keep old friendships alive.  Each of us has a friend or friends who we consider to be among our closest but we haven’t seen or spoken to them in too long.  It’s easy to “mean to call” but then you get caught up in work or travel or any of a dozen other distractions.  In that way days pile on top of days and before you know it, a year has slipped past.  The years multiply and in no time a decade has gone by.

We live such busy, full lives.  Not to say happy or useful, just crowded and occupied.  It makes it hard to see beyond the immediate static to connect to those who really matter.

Fortunately when you finally do pick up the phone or get in your car and reunite with these absent friends, the time melts away and in no time you’re back to being college roommates, high school best friends or neighbors who grew up side by side.  That is the one saving grace. The ties that bind are elastic and though you may stretch them far too tight over time, they spring back.

That is the more important thing we’re doing here – we’re creating those ties.


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