365 Days of Writing – Day 340 – WriteGirl awarded prize


On Friday, November 22, WriteGirl founder and director, Keren Taylor, and Mentee, Jacqueline Uy (age 16), were at the White House to receive the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, the highest national honor awarded to such programs. Michelle Obama presented the award!

I’ve been volunteering, in various capacities, with WriteGirl for five years.  This coming season will be my sixth!

It’s something I feel passionate about.  I happily give up few evening and one weekend a month to help plan the workshops, run the workshops and work with the teen girls who are WriteGirl.

It’s gratifying to see that an organization like WriteGirl, which quietly does great things with very little money, can gain national attention.

On the WriteGirl websiste (www.writegirl.org) Keren writes: This is our pivotal moment – our opportunity to shine on the national stage and raise our profile to garner the resources we need to thrive and sustain WriteGirl well into the future.  We share this honor with every volunteer, special guest, Bold Ink honoree and supporter who has embodied and elevated the WriteGirl mission, but we especially share this with our teen girls. Your voices lift us up every day, and we couldn’t be more proud to see the White House and the nation lifting you up in return.

Join me to congratulate WriteGirl and, if you’re so inclined, donate – it’s a tax write off so you’re helping yourself too!


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