365 Days of Writing – Day 339 – Back in the saddle again


At the beginning of this year, because of all the travel I had planned, I handed over the reins to the writing group I’d led for six years to the only professional writer in the group.

It was odd at first because he took such a different approach to the prompts.

I had prepared not only a prompt but at least one piece which I could read as an example of the prompt or as inspiration of sorts – usually poetry.

His prompts often consisted of a single word – “oops” – for example.

I’d probably spent too much time with WriteGirl where the prompts needed to not only get the girls writing but push them to try a new style or form or to challenge themselves.  When I stopped comparing the new prompts to my own, I enjoyed the freedom they offered.  I had to wonder if I had been pushing too hard.  My writing group was composed of motivated, adult writers after all, not teen age girls with limited skills.

This week I was asked to once again take the lead because our new leader had plans which meant he wouldn’t be able to join us.

I pondered the prompt.  I considered a single sentence, “This will end soon.”  I thought this was open ended enough to be consistent with “oops” in intent if not in word count.  But I had to be true to myself so I came up with one which gave more direction.  The prompt was to write in only imperative statements:  Quit your job. Take a stand. Feel guilt. Use only number  two pencils, to tell a story.  I did refrain from reading anything inspirational or otherwise.  The results were terrific, across the board.  They ranged from humorous to more personal.

It was fun to be back in charge, if only for one session.

Later I’ll share with you what I wrote.


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