365 Days of Writing – Day 335 – December arrives


December has started with one of the most gorgeous days.   As the sun was rising my daughter and I were loading her things into my car to head to the airport.  We had zero traffic on the freeway which is such a pleasure.  When there aren’t too many cars on the road, driving in Los Angeles can be an actual pleasure.

We did encounter traffic on surface streets starting about three blocks before the airport.  I assumed it was just the volume of cars.  Turned out is was all because the police had narrowed the two departure lanes into one so they could randomly select cars to pull over and inspect.  My daughter and I did our best to look like the innocent people we are to avoid being chosen.  Fortunately we were waved through.  Once at the terminal I was really impressed by the traffic control in evidence.  There were dozens of traffic cops helping to choreograph the dance of cars pulling into and way from the white curb.  Once we reached the curb my daughter jumped out with her bag and a wave good-bye and was inside the terminal in under two minutes.  I was away in less than three minutes thanks to these cops.

I exited via the 105 freeway, which was the other way I could have taken to the airport.  I was so glad I hadn’t.  There were  miles of cars backed up.  I doubt my daughter would have made her flight had we been one of those cars.

I’m going to spend the entire day doing nothing but resting and getting well.

The next thing I need to tackle, how to break it to my mother that we can’t have the traditional Christmas Eve party this year.


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