365 Days of Writing – Day 320 – PPLA


When George W. was re-elected, I was beyond depressed.  To pull myself out of a deepening funk, I vowed to do what I could to offset the effects of another four years of Republican leadership.

My main concern was that women’s rights would be gutted.  To do my part to support and defend those rights, I determined to support Planned Parenthood – the lone voice fighting back on behalf of women.  Yes, they also provide basic health care services for families but they are at the forefront of women’s right to choose and women’s reproductive health care.

Since then I have given money every year but only once or twice have I actually gotten out and walked the streets with PP.  When an opportunity came along to join the Burbank chapter for Healthy Neighborhood Outreach, I was excited to be there!

I helped distribute information to the local neighborhood – to make residents aware of the services offered by PP.  I also let those who work full time with Planned Parenthood that they are not alone.  I felt it was important that they see the support they have.

I’m proud to be a supporter and to be doing more than giving money, I’m giving my energy, my commitment and my time.  Not to mention that I walked probably three miles and burned a ton of calories!

You may not agree with my particular cause, but I’m standing up for what I feel is important.


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