365 Days of Writing – Day 318 – 1 Aussie Girl, 50 States, 50 weeks and 1 packed bag



I have spent more than my fair share of time on airplanes recently.  One thing I always do, no matter if I’m flying with a major airline or in a twin prop plane from a tiny carrier like Great Lakes Airlines, is read the magazine that can always be found in the seat pocket.

You learn about all manner of things in those magazines.  I’ve discovered new hotels, festivals, hidden destinations and must dine at restaurants.  I once followed a one day itinerary in Boston that I’d read about in a flight magazine.  I had a fabulous time seeing sights that weren’t on the typical tour.

On my last flight I read an article about an Aussie girl, Linda Bentley, who is traveling across the United States.  Her journey began on Jan. 2nd and, if all goes according to plan, will end on Dec. 24th.

I was intrigued because I plan to explore more of these great United States in the future.  I’ve been up and down the Eastern Coast and the Western Coast but I’ve only flown over all that which lies in between.

According to her website (www.thepackedbag.com) her challenge is designed to confront this trend.  She puts it this way:

“Did you know that approximately 90% of international visitors to the USA go to only four states?

  1. 1.New York
  2. 2.Florida
  3. 3.California and
  4. 4.Hawaii.

That leaves 46 states unaccounted for. Why?

To answer this question, The Packed Bag is on a journey of discovery…

Travelling through the United States of America.

ALL of them.

One week per state.

Writing and reviewing every day, from January 1 to December 24, 2013.

Come along and join the adventure reading the book, as it’s written, here.”

This young Aussie girl has already seen more of my country than I have!  That’s just wrong.  Since I can’t catch up with her, I can at least benefit from her experiences.

You can join me as I follow her at Facebook.com/ThePackedBag or you can wait and read the book she plans to release about the year spent visiting us.  Or do both!


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