365 Days of Writing – Day 311 – Applause, for a cause


Last night I attended a benefit for Foothill Family Services’ Adopt-a-Family program.  They get wish lists from families in distress.  Using funds from benefits, like the one I attended, they fulfill the wishes so each family can enjoy the holidays.  I long ago reached the point where there’s little I need or couldn’t live without.  The gifts I get are wonderful and appreciated but totally unnecessary.  Fortunately most of my friends feel the same way so we celebrate by donating to charities in each other’s names.  I have to confess that sometimes I can’t resist giving gifts – it’s so much fun!

I saw the Foothill Family Services benefit as a way to kick off the giving season.  I figured I’d see some average, if I was lucky, acts.  All the performers are amateurs who work in HR, IT, Legal, Publishing – in other words, they weren’t good enough to make it as performers.  Well, that’s what I thought.

Clearly the performers made a choice to not become professionals because each and every one of them was talented enough to make it on the stage!  I was blown away by the quality of the performances.  Even the MC, an executive from 9-5, did a marvelous job of bantering with the audience and the performers, keeping the program moving and the audience engaged.  He made it look easy; I’m certain it was anything but.

It made me wonder about the hidden talents of those I work with.  Who might be able to belt out an aria as if she was at Lincoln Center?  Who could have made a splash on Jimmy Kimmel?  Who could have easily made it into the finals of The Voice?

I don’t possess any hidden skills.  What I do, that’s where my skills lie.  I don’t have to relegate my song writing and singing to hobby status, saved for weekends or charity galas. I don’t sing in the shower wishing I was on stage.  I have no talents, zilch, zero.  I was a bit jealous of those whose abilities extended so much beyond what they do to earn their living but perhaps I’m the lucky one.  I get to be paid for what I can do and love to do.


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