365 Days of Writing – Day 296 – The Good Muse


Last weekend I met Raegan Payne.   She is the “Good Muse.”  Through her blog (http://thegoodmuse.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/category/volunteering-journal) she is introducing people to the variety of organizations who rely on volunteers.

She is going to volunteer for 100 different charities, non-profits, agencies etc. and write about them.

Already she’s found 93 deserving organizations to donate her time to –  you can read about each one at her website.

Already she’s helped provide shoes to the homeless and collected food from Farmer Markets for Food Forward.  She even showered in public to support PETA.

Her efforts aren’t limited to Southern California.  She read printed news for the blind for a station in Kentucky.  She even volunteered with Thames21 in London on a number of projects.

Raegan is the antidote to “I’d love to help out but I don’t know what I could do.”

She has almost reached her goal of 100 but she doesn’t plan to stop there.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone helped out – you don’t need to give to a hundred organizations – just find one.

After five years of volunteering with Write Girl as well as having volunteered in the past with Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, Five Acres and Reading to Kids in addition to a dozen other one day events,  I can assure you that you get back more than you give!


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