365 Days of Writing – Day 295 – the DMV


The DMV gets a bad rap.  If you plan ahead, you can get quick and efficient service.   I needed to get a duplicate registration for my scooter.  I made an appointment on-line for first thing yesterday morning.

When I arrived I saw a long line of people – none of whom had appointments – waiting outside. However, with my appointment, I was able to go inside where I walked right up to the window.

I was given all the forms I needed and was told that, without a copy of the registration or the pink slip, they’d need to do a verification of the “vehicle” – I hardly think my scooter qualifies as a vehicle but I didn’t argue with her.   I took the forms and moved my scooter into the verification lane.

Minutes later a guy came out and was clearly distressed to see that he wasn’t verifying a car but he got on his knees, lay down on the ground, crawled all over my little scooter to come up with the VIN and the engine number.  I took his “verification” and my forms back inside.  I was given a number.   I took a seat unsure how long I’d have to sit.  Within ten minutes I was called to a window.

The woman at the window,  the majority of DMV employees at this branch were female, read through my explanation for no registration and typed a few things into her computer – $124 later I had a brand new registration.  In a few weeks I’ll have new plates to go with my new registration.

All this was accomplished in just over an hour.  Given that I had shown up without any paperwork and a vehicle that dated back to   1983 so was no longer in the DMV data bank, I think they did a great job.


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