365 Days of Writing – Day 294 – Smoke and Mirrors

smoke and mirrors


I love magic!  I’ve been to the Magic Castle often and each time I’ve been blown away by the magic shows.  On my last trip to Las Vegas I went to David Copperfield’s show.  I saw what I knew were tricks but as my mind had no way to explain how the trick was done, it was indeed magic.

A young man was in the audience.  He’d recently lost a loved one.  I can’t recall if it was his mother, father, sister or brother.  In any event the loved one had left an unfinished “bucket list.”  This young man had made it his mission to do all the remaining activities.  One on the list was to assist David Copperfield in one of his illusions.  To his credit Copperfield not only cooperated but he worked with this young man for a few weeks so that he could do more than tap a deck of cards or be a prop himself.  The trick they did transported this young man from the first row of the audience to the last row in the blink of an eye.  I know they did it because I saw it but I also know it was impossible by all the laws of physics.

This past weekend a friend and I went to see “Smoke and Mirrors” at the Road Theater in North Hollywood.  The show involved the story of Houdini,  the tale of a young man who coped with the tragedy of losing his father by immersing himself in magic and the evolution of that young man into a master magician.  The illusions were fabulous and mind boggling.  The story was touching and well told.  As with the Vegas show, I was baffled and awed by tricks that defied logic.

Unlike the Vegas show, the theater was tiny.   There were only five row, perhaps six.  We sat in the front row – the better to see the magic – so I’m not certain of the exact number of people in the audience.  The show was as entertaining as the Vegas show and, due to the proximity of viewers to the performers, more enthralling.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and a fan of magic – you must see the show.  It will be running until the end of the year.


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