365 Days of Writing – Day 292 – Healthy eating?

healthy juices

Travel creates havoc with diet.  Not with diet-ing but with diet.  That fact came into sharp focus this morning when for breakfast (at 4am) I ate two squares of fudge!  Chances of my eating fudge for breakfast back at home are zero but in a hotel room with no pantry nearby and all restaurants closed, fudge seemed like a terrific option.

When I first started the journey, in Munich, from the time I ate on the airplane at about 12:30pm I ate nothing but a small bowl of soup until, at 10pm, I ate pasta with heavy cream sauce and cheese!  Normally I don’t like to eat anything after 7pm.  It has been like that for the past two weeks.  Up early eating at a breakfast buffet – which always involved too much food.  Then snacking through the day, not stopping to eat lunch until usually 3pm.  Then we’d eat dinner around 10pm.  We regularly were the last to leave the restaurant.

There was one day when I did eat well – one day in twenty! At the Munich open air market we found a fabulous  juice booth.  Just beyond that booth we had soup from another booth.  I was so busy drinking every drop of the broth of the Chicken and Dumpling soup that I didn’t stop to take pictures!  It sounds plain – it was anything but!

I can’t wait for a big bowl of fresh spinach, steamed veggies and meals on a regular schedule.  I hope that will help me rid myself of some of this extra weight!


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