365 Days of Writing – Day 288 – Last day in Bavaria

My last day in Bavaria I decided to do the walk around the lake posted to take three hours but no indication of at what pace. The day started out grey and cloudy.   I imagined it could rain.  Yesterday it had gotten cloudy but around 3pm the sun broke through and it became a gorgeous day.  I hoped for the best and, riddled with guilt for not having exercised at all beyond general walking, headed out onto the path.

It was an easy walk – flat the entire distance.  I was constantly stopping to take pictures so when, at about 45 minutes into the walk,  I reached what I guessed was the half way point, I opted to continue around rather than retracing my steps.

I passed people along the way – mostly older couples out for a stroll.  They were using ski pole type sticks which, on my Baltic cruise, I was told were part of what is called the Alpine walk.  I smiled broadly and gave each person my best “gutten morgen.”  The men always replied, nodded their heads or smiled. The woman never made eye contact and never greeted me in return.  Interesting cultural thing.

The sun broke through toward the end of my walk.  It took me about an hour and a half but I did jog it during some stretched because I was worried I wouldn’t be back to the hotel in time for check out.

I had bundled up – a long sleeve cotton shirt, a long sleeve fleece, my coat, hat, scarf and gloves.  At the end of the walk the jacket was unzipped, the gloves were off and the scarf was no longer wound about my neck.  I took off my coat as soon as I stepped into the hotel lobby.  The sleeve was damp.  I thought I must have gotten it wet when I washed my hands after using a very conveniently placed WC along the trail.  But thatenough heat to steam up my jacket?  I’ve never had anything like that happen before so I really don’t know what caused it but I am now going to step into the shower for a quick 2nd cleansing.

I will do my best to upload pictures but again, the internet is very slow so I may just give up and post photos later.

View of boat and dockSun outMet along the wayBridgePre Walk wide shotAlpine walker


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