365 Days of Writing – Day 285 – Switzerland

I’ve been in Switzerland for two days now.  The more I travel the more new places remind me of others places.  Like Lego blocks they have linking points and the experiences pile, one on top of the other, rising ever higher.  This is how travel elevates us.

Being in Leukerbad has reminded me of the time I spent in Bremerhaven a few years ago.  The architecture, the language, the smells, the food all feel familiar.  The rows and rows of grape vines on the hillsides remind me of Napa Valley.  At times, glancing up at the houses dangling from the sides of the hills reminds me of Silverlake back home.  There are elements common to other places everywhere I look.  It reminds me that however far I travel, I can still feel at home.

Unfortunately I remember too little of the German language to do myself any good here though I can pick up a word every now and then.

To recap, I arrived in Zurich.  The drive to Leukerbad, thankfully I was a passenger not the driver, was rather grueling.  The roads wound back on themselves, snaking through the mountains in near white out condition fog.  Just before dark we came to a place where we either set out on yet another hours worth of winding roads  to go around the mountain or wait twenty minutes for a car train which would take us under that mountain.  I opted for the train, of course!

There was a tiny restaurant at the train station.  We had coffee and pumpkin soup that was absolutely delicious!

Right on schedule the train arrived and we joined about a dozen other vehicles riding through the ancient, rough hewn tunnel.

I was glad for the reprieve from the driving.  Once deposited on the other side of the train, it still took another two hours to reach the town and thirty more minutes of driving the narrow hillside roads as we attempted to reach the hotel we could see but couldn’t figure out how to get to!

It was a relief to collapse into the bed and nestle beneath the comforter.   Below left – Leukerbad Street,  Below right – Car train, Far bottom – vineyards on the hillside of Leukerbad

Lukerbad street Car TrainVineyards in Leukerbad


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