365 Days of Writing – Day 281 – Quality Advertising

car pet

If you’re like me, you toss anything the comes in the mail which isn’t a bill or a letter (rare these days).  I had done just that, tossed away the envelope that came two or three times a year from a company called Quality Carpet Cleaning.  Then one arrived when I was actually in the market for carpet cleaning so I opened it hoping to find a coupon.  What I found was a wonderfully written advertising flyer.

I hired them, despite there being no coupon, because I appreciated the effort that was obviously put into writing the flyer.  That was years ago.  I’ve used the company often and even when I am not giving them my business, I have called and complimented them on their flyers.

After selling the house and moving and doing all the travel I’ve been doing, I’d forgotten about them.  Until today when I received a flyer!

I opened it and was not disappointed.  Here is what I read –

“Every year about this time we get an inexplicable infestation of flies. We have no idea where they come from but it’s a constant battle for a few weeks.  That got me to thinking, why was that particular insect given the generic moniker of “fly”. (sic) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of flying insects.  Why that one?

It got me thinking about words in general, especially compound nouns.  This can become a great game when you’re taking a trip with your kids.  Come up with a compound word that describes itself? Like flashlight (a light you flash), motorcycle (a bicycle with a motor), cupboard (a place to board as in store, cups) and pancake (a cake you make in a pan).

Being in the business, I then thought about carpet.  Aha! “A car pet.” of course, it’s so logical. Cats don’t like cars so it must be referring to dogs.  They like cars.  Also dogs are soft and furry and they lay on floors all day.  Thus, car-pet – a furry floor covering.  Brilliant!”

This lovely musing is followed by their contact information (800)675-7768 – if you’re in the LA area and special customer pricing – almost as good as a coupon.

I’m so glad they’ve found me at my new address!


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