365 Days of Writing – Day 280 – Meet Up

Meet Up

I’m finally getting the hang of “Meet-Up” and how to use it!  I joined Culture Pub Meet Up and have done museum tours, gone to art galleries and explored architectural hidden gems.  I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve met and the activities – I thought that was the end of it.

This past weekend I learned so much more.  I toured FIDM with my Meet Up group.  Afterwards we went to lunch.  During the meal someone asked what other Meet Ups people belonged to.  The variety was fascinating and eye opening.

One woman joined a Meet Up to learn French, one of the guys was in a Plein Air Painters Meet Up, another woman was in a roller skating Meet Up.  I realized then that I could use Meet Up to finally learn and have a place to practice Spanish!  I found a Scooter Meet Up group.  There are all sorts of food related Meet Ups – from chocolate to Kimchi.  I could bicycle with Meet Up, cook with Meet Up, learn bridge with Meet Up, jog with Meet Up – you get the idea!

I intend to keep myself busy trying all sorts of new cuisines, speaking Spanish and  riding my scooter with my new Meet Up groups!


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