365 Days of Writing – Day 275 – Read the recipe!



Being on the road and eating every meal out does have its benefits.  However after a while I began to miss the act of making my own meals.  When I got back into town I had to re-stock the refrigerator.  I grabbed two recipes I’d clipped from somewhere ages ago and purchased the ingredients I needed to execute them. I was excited to be in my kitchen preparing something I’d never made before.

The problem is, I got caught up in the idea of making the dish – a Chorizo and Bean Cassoulet.  So much so that I didn’t read through the entire recipe before starting.  I dove right in.  Had I read a few steps ahead I would have realized that the preparation phase of the recipe consisted of 5 hours of boiling, soaking, rinsing, boiling again and soaking again the beans!  It was nearly mid-night before I’d finished that step and I still had a dozen more to go!  It took me two days to make a single dish.  I was too exhausted by the effort to even start on the second recipe.

Never again am I going to clip a recipe that doesn’t provide, up front, the preparation time and the cooking time.  Most of my recipes fit that criteria.  For whatever reason (jet lag?) I was lured into making this dish despite being given no forewarning of the labor involved.

Fortunately my next dish is a crock pot meal that requires so little effort it shouldn’t even count as cooking!

In just a few days I’m on the road again.  Another three weeks of restaurant and airplane food doesn’t sound so unappealing at the moment!


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