365 Days of Writing – Day 273 – She’s buying a car!

purple car

There are a many milestones in a parents life involving their child.  The first day at school.  The first sleep over.  The first date.  The first trip away without you.  The first job.  The first apartment.  The first big purchase.

Until now I’d bought all major purchases for my daughter.  The fact that she is even considering buying something as costly as a car marks a milestone.  It’s not just that she’s earned and saved enough money.  She’s thought about insurance, maintenance and financing – all real adult concerns.  Sure she’s been on her own for nearly a year.  But buying a car!  That just said to me she no longer needs me.  She’s standing on her own two feet.  I’m proud.  I’m feeling old.

On the bright side, it means that the time when I can start asking about grandchildren is getting closer.


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