365 Days of Writing – Day 272 – Congressional Tantrum


Our employees, the people our taxes pay a hefty salary to, have shut down our government because they can’t play together.

I’m reminded again of the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”

Clearly our representatives need to go back to Kindergarten.

A group is throwing a tantrum and saying that they want to play their game and if no one else will play, well they’re just going to hold their breath!

Problem is, their actions are affecting millions of people.

We’ve sent them to Washington to make our government function, not to shut it down!

I just wish they’d grow up and do what we all do every day – our job.  We may not like everyone we work with.  We may not like the procedures we have to follow.  Nevertheless, as adults, we realize that we have to get along with our co-workers.  We have to follow established procedures.  We have to keep our business working.  We compromise.  We don’t insist on having everything our way.  We don’t dig in an refuse to budge.

I’m fed up!  A time out for all of them!  Oh wait, that’s what they’ve already done to themselves.  Well, no cookies & milk!


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