365 Days of Writing – Day 269 – Emergency contact

Emergency contact blue

On the flight home I watched TV shows – not planning to stay awake long enough to watch an entire movie.  I watched an episode of “The Big Bang Theory.”

In the episode Sheldon has to figure out what to give Amy for Valentine’s Day.  He ends up giving her a copy of his updated contact sheet which lists her as his “emergency contact.”  She is, of course, thrilled to think that they were one step closer to being in a real relationship.  By the end of the show, she regrets the honor as her work is interrupted time after time by of one crazy medical non-emergency call after another.

Who you list on your emergency contact, however comic, does matter.

My ex-husband is still my emergency contact.  It made no sense to list my daughter, who lives thousands of miles away.  Yet, if I’m lying in a hospital somewhere, is my ex really the one I want to see?

It made me realize that I have friends who I know would be there for me if I needed them, as I would be there for them and perhaps it’s time to change my emergency contact.


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