365 Days of Writing – Day 258 – Prayers


I believe in prayers.  I don’t necessarily believe in a diety who answers them.  The two are not contradictory.  There is an energy, a force which is our collective spirit energy.  Some of that energy is good, some is not.  But whether for the benefit of humanity or to its detriment, the energy is there and it is powerful.  Prayers are a means to focus that energy.  We think of others and send our thoughts and all that goes with them, to another person or persons.

When I was a child, I got down on my knees at the side of my bed every night and said my prayers to God.  They were childish wishes for everyone to be happy and to be blessed.  It was a litany of everyone I knew.  Please bless Uncle Ray and Aunt Isobel. Please bless Mrs. Karup (my Girl Scout leader), Ms. Tascia (my 1st grade teacher), etc.   Somewhere along the line, perhaps when I discovered that there was no Santa Claus and that the tooth fairy wasn’t, I stopped believing in the image of a kindly father type hovering over us all ticking off miracles and blessings.  Gradually I developed my own theory until it is what it is now.

Recently a co-worker learned that the cancer which he thought he’d kicked two years ago had returned.  He is a truly religious person who has total and complete faith in God and trusts that even this, even cancer, is part of a plan and if the cancer kills him, then it is good because it is His plan.  I told this co-worker I would pray for him.  Knowing my lack of faith, he rolled his eyes.  “I’ll pray for you in my way,” I assured him.  He told me not to bother.  I prayed and will continue to pray for him anyway.

This morning I learned that a person I don’t know very well, only met a few times, is enduring the most horrific of ordeals.  His 13 year old son was in a bicycle accident and sustained severe head trauma.  The boy is in a coma in ICU.  I immediately sent word that I would pray for his son’s recovery.  I didn’t tell him but I’m also going to pray that the force, that collective spirit energy, helps him and his wife get through what I know is nearly unbearable.

What ever you believe, please try to be positive and to send positive energy into the world.


One thought on “365 Days of Writing – Day 258 – Prayers

  1. peacethroughtheblood September 16, 2013 / 10:16 pm

    Very glad to hear that you pray. If one seeks with all their heart, one will find. When one who believes in something, anything,….. strong enough, there does seem to be a result. Not always the way one would like it though.

    I would like to pray too. For your co-worker-friend, who’s cancer has returned, as well for that person and his wife with their 13 year old child, you say you “don’t know very”.

    On that note, I wish to convey to you, that you seem to have a very tender, soft and compassionate heart. Would it be that some of the people I have and now even know, acted in a like manor as you.

    Alas, like myself, there is still a lot of growing up that needs to be done in all of us left alive, as we work out the multitudes of unanswered questions this life causes, when we take the time to truly reflect on all of it’s complexities and tragedies.

    You clearly stated the following; that, “What ever you believe, please try to be positive and to send positive energy into the world.”

    So, with ever increasing faith in The One whom I am learning to “stake my very life upon” I talk (pray) to Him now,

    Abba, You have shown me many people who have a heart like Yours, who while they have many reasons to honor You by the magnitude and mass of evidence of Your existence and involvement in and around them, still, do not “know” You. I would ask that via the following request to You, You stir their hearts and lift any stumbling block the enemy has placed in their way.
    Use the healing of their co-worker, and the restoration to full recovery of health, of the newly meet person’s son and the granting of peace, to the anguishing hearts of the child’s parents, as evidence of Your love and concern for Your elected children, by the power of the Blood in the Name of Jesus the Messiah I ask, Amen

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