365 Days of Writing – Day 254 – Iguassu Falls

Iguassu raincoat Iguassu falls walk Iguassu Falls

I made it to Iguassu at just after 2:30am yesterday today.  The Hotel das Cataratas Iguassu Falls is exactly the hotel you want after a harrowing 30+ hours of traveling.  The warm pink tones, the beautiful wood details, the gracious staff make it the ideal hotel.  It is located within the park just across the street from the falls! Yes, it is expensive but worth it!

I made it, my suitcase didn’t.  Luckily I had in my carry on an extra pair of underwear – there’s no telling what can happen when traveling such distances and, like any ex-Girl Scout, I was prepared!  So though I am wearing the same clothes I left my house in 36 hours ago, I don’t feel skanky!  I am fortunate that I chose to travel in a comfortable, breathable cotton tunic top and yoga pants.  They have both stood up to the wear very well.  It has made me wonder about all the time I spent agonizing over what I should pack.  I’ve been told my luggage should arrive tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I have just one more night in these all too familiar vestments.

I strolled across the street after breakfast to look at the falls – they were great but the best part is further south. A path allows visitors to walk all the way south to the “Devil’s Throat.”  The path is paved; there are handrails and minimal steps.  Most people should have no trouble walking it.  Strollers are a challenge only because they create a log-jam as parents pause to lift the stroller down the steps.  Just before the path veers out over the falls, there is a booth selling disposable raincoats for 7,0 (or about $4.00).  I decided to go without and I was soaked by the time I had wended my way to the exit.  In the summer I would have welcomed the drenching.  Even now it wasn’t too bad, despite it being winter. I felt chilled by the cold wind on my thin, wet top but I dried off.  I have to say, getting wet is part of the experience!

The day went quickly.  Just past dark I returned to the hotel where I had a Caipirinha at the bar – I was told this is the local drink and not to be missed.  It’s like a Margarita but not as sweet – I enjoyed it.  I’m not used to drinking – one glass of wine is my limit – so I took advantage of the bar food to make sure I didn’t get too drunk to find my way back to my room!

Word is my luggage will be flying into Iguassu on the same midnight flight I took last night from Sao Paulo so that should mean by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, I will have new clothes to wear!

To give you an idea of how beautiful the hotel is – here’s a shot of the shower!

Shower detail

Update – 5:00am I woke and remembered that my suitcase was supposed to be at the front desk.  I called and yes!  It is here.  They said they’d send it right up.  There was a knock on my door.  I wrapped myself in the waffle robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door, with tip in hand, I eagerly opened the door ready to be reunited with my clothes!  There on the cart outside my door were two suitcases belonging to someone else.  I think the bellman looked almost as disappointed as I felt.

Same clothes again today. Where in South America is my suitcase?


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