365 Days of Writing – Day 253 – Not quite on the road

flight canceled

I left the house this afternoon eagerly anticipating my flight to Brazil.  My first leg was from LAX to Houston.  It was an uneventful flight – comfortable and quick.  I was able to watch Direct TV – I watched “Girl Code” on MTV – which I found hysterical.  Then I segued to HGTV’s “Home Renovation” because the house in question was in a neighborhood adjacent to mine.  Just to prove that real estate is really all about location, location, location – the house being renovated was a foreclosure with 2000 square feet which was purchased for $750,000.00!   The renovations totaled another $200,000!  My house, which was 3000 square feet and completely finished,move in ready, sold for under $600,000 a little over a year ago!  But it wasn’t in as desirable a neighborhood.  I then watched an episode of Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives.  They visited a place in Toronto call “The Stockyards” where they had BBQ and fried chicken that looked so good I was ready to divert to Toronto!  The next restaurant visited was Chili John’s in Burbank.  A place I can actually visit!  Then I saw that my seat mate had found Monday Night Football.  I switched to that – sadly – the Redskins were being stomped on by the Eagles.  Then, just before landing, they served us warm chocolate chip cookies which made even the Eagles winning tolerable.

Upon arriving in Houston I made my way, of course, to the business lounge (remember those good looking guys I mentioned in yesterday’s blog?).  I was greeted by a long line of people queued up to rebook after their flight to London had been cancelled.  I sympathized with those waiting and said aloud that I hoped it wasn’t me on line later.  Yes, I challenged the travel gods and… I lost!  Ten minutes later the email came through that my flight had been cancelled.  I immediately got on line at the United desk but somehow there were already 30 people ahead of me.  Miraculously, unlike when I’d had to wait two hours in line at the United lounge at LAX to reach the counter to rebook myself when my flight to Shanghai had been cancelled, it only took about twenty minutes for me to reach the counter.  There a very helpful and patient United employee (Loretta P.) worked hard to get me the best possible flights to Sao Paulo.  So now I have three hours to wait until my midnight flight to Brazil.

The good news, I get to watch at least some of my team, the Chargers, stomp on Houston. I’m having to very quietly root for my team because I am in enemy territory!  We’re up 21 – 7 at the half!!!!!  Yay team!


Just arrived in Bogota.  I, unfortunately, was able to watch the rest of the Chargers-Houston game on the flight.  At least I didn’t have to watch the Houston fan gloat.  It’s 4:20am in Columbia – 2:20am in Los Angeles.  All cities look beautiful at night.  Bogota is no exception.  The lights are primarily orange with touches of green.  It reminded me of the Lite Brite I had as a child.  I hadn’t thought about that in decades.  I don’t think they even make them anymore.  There was some question about my luggage – whether I needed to collect it and clear through customs or if it would go directly to Sao Paulo.  I’m waiting to hear.  The TAM/LAN agents have been very sympathetic and are looking into the situation.

2nd Update:

It’s now 7am in Bogota, back at home my alarm is going off, waking up no one.  I have been told that my luggage will go all the way to Foz.  Because I now have to spend the night in Sao Paulo, there are no evening flights to Iguacu, I would prefer to have my suitcase.  The agent here said I can check with the agent in Sao Paulo to see if I can retrieve my suitcase.  Doing a quick calculation, I woke at 6:30am on Monday the 9th. My flight to Sao Paulo boards at 9am on the 10th – I will have been up 26.5 hours with 2 hours of sleep.  The joys of travel!  I’m going to do my best to stay awake on the next leg of the journey in hopes that I can get a few hours of sleep later.


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