365 Days of Writing – Day 231 – Ugh, not my back!

back pain

So, is this the way it’s going to be?  I exercise three days a week minimum, more often four days.  Then I get bronchitis or perhaps whooping cough – my symptoms match all those listed on the webmd.com site.  I can’t get through twenty minutes of walking on the treadmill, no way am I making it through an hour of boot camp or high intensity body sculpt, forget about bar method!

I do what you’re supposed to do when you’re sick.  I rest.  I spend excruciatingly boring days on end resting.  I ignore the guilt that I might be infecting my co-workers and I go into work but keep my door closed – mostly so they don’t hear my chest rattling cough and tell me to go home.

FInally, I start feeling well enough to do something.  I contemplate walking up to the bike/walk path that offers miles of landscape safety from vehicles.  I convince myself that it’s too hot for that.  I decide instead to clean.  It’s long over due.  I start in the kitchen.  I sweep then mop the floors then clean the counters. Then I turn my attention to the bathroom.  Just an hour later I’re ready to turn my attention to my bedroom.  I vacuum and dust.  I want to tackle the clutter.  I start with the catch-all drawer.  I get almost through it before I start to feel it, the pain in my back.

I recognize it immediately.  Before I regularly exercised, my back would often hurt.  I had hoped I had strengthened my core muscles enough with all the exercise I did so I wouldn’t feel the pain again.  I was wrong.  Just as I feel well enough to consider exercising again, my back is going to keep me from it.  It’s that chicken and egg thing.  Can’t exercise with a hurt back; can’t fix the back without exercise.


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