365 Days of Writing – Day 222 – Reminds me of…

Room 222


Numbers conjure all sorts of associations.  I’ve read that statistically 9 and 11 and multiples there of are considered lucky.  I would have thought the number 7 would have figured in there somewhere.

The number 222 was featured in “Room 222” – a TV show I watched as a kid.   It was a TV Drama about teachers in high school, the lead, an African American idealistic teacher named Pete Dixon, was played by Lloyd Haynes.  I can’t swear to it but I’m nearly certain the exterior of the fiction Walt Whitman HS was the lovely Marshall HS in Los Feliz.  That was back when teachers were cool.  Now it seems like you have to be a serial killer, a cop or a very damaged character to be featured in a show.

I do believe I’m rambling.  I’ll blame it on cough syrup, a hacking cough (a gift from China) and the late hour.

I will attempt to do better tomorrow.  Right now I will attempt to get some sleep, despite my bronchitis.


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