365 Days of Writing – Day 216 – Miyun rainstorm

We drove from Beijing to Miyun in about five hours.  Less than a half an hour outside of Beijing the traffic thinned and we had a pleasant drive void of honking, sudden stops or the assault of cars and trucks seemingly aiming for us.


Soon after we arrived and had the first of our amazing meals, which I will describe in detail in my next post, the sky began to darken.  We were told that a thunderstorm was forecast for the next day so we might not be able to do our tour.  Having only a few days here, we all kept our fingers crossed that the storm would pass through quickly leaving good weather tomorrow.  We left our guide and headed to our respective rooms.

Ten minutes later, the sky opened up.  Rain whipped against my window, then the wind began.


I tried to capture it in this poem:


The wind, noisy, insistent

Huffed against the window,

A big, bad wolf

Ready to blow our building in.


Street lights and trees bent beneath

The force of its bellowing lungs.

Like a wounded, panicked animal

It hurled itself at its captors.


I tried reading

I tried listening to the radio

Impossible to ignore its hysteria.

The intensity set my nerves on edge,

Demanded my full attention


I could only sit, watch and wait

For the delirium to be over.




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