365 Days of Writing – Day 212 – Hong Kong Disneyland

I spent the morning at Hong Kong Disneyland.  It still feels like a very young, new park.  I’d heard that it was small, which is it, but it feels complete despite being small.   There is plenty to see and do and more restaurants than I expected. The park feels oddly familiar, after years spent visiting the original Disneyland.  There are a few oddities.  Odd for me, not for Hong Kong residents.  There is, in the midst of Main Street that could be in California or Florida, a Victorian Treasures building which architecturally stands apart.

Victorian collection

And as I walked through Adventureland, I came across a distant relative of Jack Sparrow!

Asian Jack Sparrow

An attraction new to Hong Kong DL, and (at this point) unique to the part is Mystic Manor.  It is absolutely beautiful to look at and amazing to ride!  I managed to get in rides from three different vehicles (which really does change the experience) before the lines, wait time and heat/humidity thwarted my enthusiasm.  The sets, media and the entire place-making is fabulous.  This is Hong Kong’s culturally compatible “Haunted Mansion” and while I would never want to give up the Haunted Mansion which I know, I would love to see the Mystic Manor in stateside parks.

Mystic ManorMystic Manor 2

The park was full of visitors despite the heat.  I felt like I was melting so I cannot begin to imagine how the parade performers, in full costume, tolerated the heat.  They appeared to be oblivious to the temperatures but you know they had to be feeling it – they just never let the audience see it.  They are the ultimate professionals!  Most guests were dressed in loose clothing and carried umbrellas.  However there were a few guests who seemed to be dressed for a different climate entirely!  Gloves!  Stockings! Oh my!

Umbrellas Gloves

If you’re spending any time in Hong Kong – go to Disneyland!  Even if you are familiar with the other parks, this one will surprise you – there’s more that is unique to this park than Mystic Manor. I’ll let you discover that for yourself.


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