365 Days of Writing – Day 211 – I went to high school with who?!

Fairfax High

I keep learning about celebrities who attended my alma mater, Fairfax High School.  First it was Gary Baseman whose cartoon characters I was familiar with long before I learned that they were created by an alum of my high school.  Then today I was wondering what ever happened to Tim Hutton.  He was such a talented actor and I hadn’t seen him in anything lately.  Turns out he’s been very busy on shows I just haven’t watched.  Mostly recently he was starring in a show called Leverage.   I continued to read about him and the many awards he’s won.  Then I came across this:  “When he was 16, Hutton sought out his father, living with him in Los Angeles while attending Fairfax High School. There, while playing Nathan Detroit in a school production of Guys and Dolls, he realized he wanted to become an actor.”  I saw that production!  I saw all because one of my best friends was in Play Production.  How is it I never realized who he was?

Makes me want to dig out the old yearbooks and see who else made it big. Granted I was two years ahead of Tim and a year ahead of Gary Baseman but we were there at the same time and the school wasn’t that big.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I don’t have to leaf through the yearbook pages. Here is a list of “notable graduates”:


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