365 Days of Writing – Day 210 – Fashion Week 2013

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On the flight to Hong Kong in the final hour I watched “Fashion 2013” one of the “Lifestyle” channel options.

It was ideal because I didn’t need to wear head phones – I could care less about what they had to say about the fashions, I just wanted to see them.

Ninety percent of what was sent down the various runways was hideous and un-wearable.

Even some of the models looked not so much vacant and aloof, as most tend to do, but actually disgusted.  Why would you want to send your creations out into the world on a person who is scowling?  Could one designer actually have the models smile or at least look pleasant?

During the episode, every so often an on camera person would speak in French or Italian (I’m guessing) so subtitles would appear on the screen in English.  One very dapper, older gentleman from Gucci spoke and his comments were written out for me to read, “I don’t know why they call it ready to wear, nothing I’ve seen was remotely wearable.”  Yes!

There was one designer, Malvain or something like that (it’s close enough if you google it, you’ll figure out which one it was), who showed on the hangar this amazing woven raffia, plastic clothing line.  He said (not in English so I was able to read it) that it was like furniture you wore.  I was fascinated by the amazing intricacies of the designs and the craftsmanship.  What, I wondered, would it look like on an actual person – if we can consider models to be persons.  The fashions looked better on the models than on the hangar!  This was haute couture I could appreciate.

Note: I just Googled “Malvain” and nothing came up.  I even looked at the Wikipedia list of all  designers and nothing was close to Malvain.  Sorry! I’ll have to watch the episode again and note down the correct name next time.  I was surprised that there were more designers in Great Britian and the US than in France or Italy.  Who’d of thunk it?

Anyway, by the end of the show I had decided to begin a “retirement bucket list” – things to do before I was too old not to do them once I’d retired.  Attending a fashion show in Milan or Paris will be the first entry.  Now to figure out how one gets tickets to such an event.


One thought on “365 Days of Writing – Day 210 – Fashion Week 2013

  1. kredittkort August 26, 2013 / 12:47 am

    I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

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