365 Days of Writing – Day 205 – Fly Over Canada

Fly over canada entranceFly Over Canada poster

Flying over Canada, until yesterday, was what I did on my way to Europe.  What changed?  I flew to Vancouver to see the newly opened “Fly Over Canada” film/ride at Canada Place. Produced by Rick Rothschild, a friend and former work associate, “Fly Over Canada” is similar in many ways to the “Soarin’ Over California” film/ride that plays at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim and at the Land Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando.

“Fly Over Canada” is not a travel promo or thinly disguised publicity for the Canadian government.  It is privately owned and was privately produced.  It is a love story to the diversity of Canada.  As with “Soarin’,” “Fly” sends guests up in the clouds and then skims them low over fields and streams.  Canada has gorgeous locations a plenty and the film/ride puts eighteen of them on splendid display in a way riders wouldn’t otherwise be able to see them.

The ride itself has much more motion than the “Soarin'” attraction.  This might be a downside for some who think less is more when it comes to movement.  Believe me when I tell you that from the top tier of seats, “Fly” truly gives you the feeling of being in flight.  The impact is slightly less from the middle seats and lesser still from the bottom row.  The images are equal from all levels of seating so if/when you go, pick how much of a flight feeling, with the potential for queasiness that goes with it, then request top, middle or lower seating.  Or better yet, see it three times, once from each level to see and feel for yourself the difference.

Located at Canada Place, “Fly Over Canada” is an easy, fifteen minute diversion before boarding your cruise ship or a pleasant pre/post lunch or dinner adventure.  Two thumbs up for “Fly Over Canada.”


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