365 Days of Writing – Day 203 – Astalavista Vegas

Vegas Parks Vegas Strip Vegas closed escalators

Final observations on Vegas.  Recall how expensive the bananas were in Greenland?  I, rightly, blamed the high price on the distance those small bunches of perishable fruits had to travel.  Well, they cost more in Vegas than they did in Greenland!   The only excuse I can come up with is they want to make anything healthy less attractive.  For the price I paid for a single banana I could have gotten a double scoop ice cream!

They should be inverting the costs and encouraging healthy eating.  I had to really dig to find healthy dining.  I didn’t have to look hard to find overweight people smoking.  They were all around me.  I know what you’re thinking.  Did I expect to go to Vegas and find people into fitness and vegan fine dining?  Vegas is all about sloth, gluttony, indulgence and fun.  Eating tofu is not fun.  I did manage to sneak in a little exercise.  If want to walk the strip, as it seemed everyone in Vegas was doing, you’re going to get a lot of exercise.  Whether they intended to or not, those folks in the maintenance department caused everyone in Vegas this past weekend to burn extra calories.

At every major intersection there are bridges to help pedestrians safely navigate their way from one Casino to another.  There are escalators going up and coming down from those bridges with a standard stairway in between the two.  I crossed easily a dozen bridges and not a single one had a working escalator.  They were all blocked off with warning signs not to use as they were closed for repairs.  The few escalators which weren’t blocked off, were also not working.  I felt sorry for some of the older visitors slogging up two to three flights of steps in 100 plus degree heat.  Getting people to take the steps is one thing, killing out of shape people with heat stroke is another and what of those in wheelchairs?  I saw one or two elevators but for the most part they were tucked away out of sight and not being used.

The other aspect of Vegas which made it totally non-functional is the lack of free wi-fi.  Not in my room, in the casino area nor by the pool could I get a wi-fi signal.  I had better internet in Greenland – at the end of the world!

Then there is the fashion.  During the day people are dressed rather comfortably and sensibly.  Once the sun goes down 90% of the women I saw had squeezed themselves into spandex tubes that barely covered their bums and had slipped their calloused feet into precariously high heels.  About 10% of the women looked good, the rest must be vampires unable to see their reflections in the mirror.  Otherwise I can’t imagine why they would be seen in public dressed as they were.

The shows are wonderful.  The heat, I imagine, can be wonderful (if you’re escaping winter cold).  The environment is something to be experienced.  Despite all that, Vegas is not a place for me.  I truly wish there were places to see the Cirque shows other than Vegas. Until then, yes, I will be back because there are at least five Cirque shows I didn’t see and performers I would like to see.  Next time I’m going to stay at the MGM Grand – it had the best restaurants.


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