365 Days of Writing – Day 200 – India school lunch tragedy

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More than 20 children were killed Tuesday by eating tainted lunch at their school.  Parents sent their children to school because there they would be given a hot meal.  These are children who live in poverty and trust in their government and schools to provide care and learning.  Instead they were poisoned.

Prior to visiting India when I heard the phrase “school lunch” what came to mind was a spacious, clean cafeteria, serving ladies in shower caps, long rows of kids with trays to hold mystery meat, starch, over cooked vegetables, dessert and a drink.  A veritable feast of food most kids don’t eat much of.  I saw rows and rows of tables and chairs, a sunny room with a high ceiling.  I heard the sounds of laughter and music.  That is not what school lunch looks like in India.

I have included here some photos of lunch time at one school I visited while traveling in India.  There are no tables, there are no chairs, there are no ceilings or lunch ladies in caps.  These children have so little which makes it so much more tragic. They ask for nothing more than a simple meal and they are served death.

If India is indeed to become a world power they need to deal with the living conditions of the millions living in their borders.  They need to care for their children – the future of India.  They need to do better than they did in Bihar.


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